ABCs of the Lord’s Supper

Recently I was listening to an old Wendell Winkler CD from PTP 2004. In the lesson, he gave several ideas for meditations on the Lord’s supper. One of his ideas was to take the ABCs and come up with a list of things that applied to the crucifixion from each letter. I remembered that I […]

What Happened to the 12 Apostles of Jesus – How Did Jesus’ Disciples Die?

Here’s a prezi that I added based on the information below. The 12 apostles were the closest followers of Jesus. He hand picked them from His many disciples. While they often seem confused as to the teachings of Jesus throughout His ministry, after His death, resurrection, and ascension they most of them (with the exception […]

Harmony of the Life of Paul

In my Sunday morning college class we have been covering the life of Paul. Paul has now arrived in Rome, and the study is winding down. While doing my research for the class I came across a lecture by a Yale professor who claims that he used to be a believer but that inaccuracies in […]

Revelation Part 1 – Introduction

Revelation: Part 1 Overview: Theme of Revelation is “Victory!” Rev. 17:14 God is in ultimate control of history and events and fully capable of bringing men and events to His desired ends. Therefore, “be thou faithful unto death.” Rev. 2:10 This doesn’t just mean be faithful until you die. It means be faithful even when […]

Revelation Part 4 – Chapters 4-7

No powerpoint posted this week. I had to use pictures for class which I do not have copyright to post here. Notes below. A Play in Two Acts Chapters 1-3 (Introduction) Chapters 4-11 (Act 1) Chapter 4: Setting the Stage Throne – Throne of God 24 Additional Thrones 12 Patriarchs 12 Apostles 4 Beasts, full […]

Revelation Part 5 – Chapters 8-11

Chapter 8 Opens the seventh seal and there is silence for half an hour. This recalls to us a moment of silence out of respect or honor. Anticipation To the first-century reader it would have recalled Habakkuk (2:20) who had also asked the question in Hab. 1:2 “O Lord, how long…” Prayers are brought before […]

Revelation Part 6 – Chapters 12-13

Chapter 11 closed with rejoicing in Heaven because the time of God’s judgment of Rome is at hand. Chapter 12 is the beginning of Act 2 We go back in time some and revisit Act 1, especially the part where the church was persecuted. Three Main Characters •    Woman •    Child •    Dragon The Dragon […]

Revelation Part 8 – Chapters 20-22

Chapter 20 John sees an angel with a key to the abyss and a chain. Takes the dragon and binds him with the chain and casts him into the Abyss to imprison him for 1000 years. Has Satan Always Been Bound? Has he always been under limits? Yes! God has never allowed him to do […]