Lead Codices – Trial and Error (Mostly just error…)

We are witnessing an historic event. Everyone should stand and take notice, and learn from it. Much like the emails we get with all sorts of false information in them that can be easily checked by Snopes, Biblical archeology is fraught with fantastic, unique, and utterly false “discoveries.” I invariably receive emails and am asked […]

Currency in the Bible

Currency in the Bible As one looks across the landscape of the Bible, truth shines through in the details of everyday life. Nowhere is this truer than when one looks at the financial transactions throughout the Bible. The way that people purchased products and saved for the future tells a story about the kind of […]

Never Know What You Might Find

It seems that you never know what you might turn up on the beach. An article came out yesterday that relates a story about a man who found a shekel of Tyre on a wharf in Salem, MA. How it got there, no one seems to know. They placed the value of the coin at […]