Bible Proofs Part 2– Food Laws

In my previous post, we covered the ancient world’s view of medical science, and compared that to the Bible. What we discovered is that the Bible avoids the gross errors that are contained in every other culture at the time. Not only that, but the Bible also contains correct information regarding things like quarantine, soap, […]

Bible Proofs Part 1 – Medical Science

Recently I taught a class on one of the most convincing ways to prove that the Bible is from God. Basically, we look at several areas of study, such as medicine, astronomy, or geology and we compare contemporary secular and religious writings. We look at the common errors that are in each of these types […]

7 Best Selling Books of All Time – Carrying the Message

I love books. I like their feel, their smell, their history…everything about them. They seem new and nostalgic all at once. They carry on ideas long after each of us is gone, and it is this method that my Lord used to carry His message of salvation to the world; through the book. Let’s take […]

Currency in the Bible

Currency in the Bible As one looks across the landscape of the Bible, truth shines through in the details of everyday life. Nowhere is this truer than when one looks at the financial transactions throughout the Bible. The way that people purchased products and saved for the future tells a story about the kind of […]

Not Made to Sit on a Shelf

In the late 1600’s and early 1700’s Antonio Stradivari produced the finest musical instruments ever created. In his lifetime he is known to have produced 1,101 instruments. These included guitars, cellos, violas, and at least one harp. His crowning achievements however were his violins. They are known for their clarity of tone, and ability to […]

Revelation Part 3 – Introduction (Conclusion)

Revelation is written in apocalyptic language. Apokalupsis – “to uncover, unveil, make naked, lay bare” The book uncovers or unveils through symbols, signs, imagery, and visions the impending persecution facing the church. Symbols: Numbers The number one (1) Since it is not composed of other numbers, but is independent of all others, it excludes all […]