About Me

I am the Director of Operations at House to House/Heart to Heart, a religious publication that goes out to 2.6 million households every other month. I also work with the Polishing the Pulpit Workshop, and the Great Smoky Mountain Marriage Retreat.

For many years I ran an ancient coin business and now continue to collect ancient coins, especially  those of Biblical interest.

My wife and I have three daughters and one son. We are faithful members of the Jacksonville church of Christ where I am a deacon and teach the college Sunday morning glass and high school Wednesday night class. My wife has taught ladies’ class and the high school girls’ Wednesday night class.

If you are interested in starting a Biblical coin collection I would love to help you get started. Just contact me at Luke@housetohouse.com 256-614-2367

I keep uncleaned coins in stock, and have a wide selection of widows mites, Herodian coinage, and other Jewish and Roman coins.

Sermons and Lectures

Because of my interest in ancient coins, I developed a hands on lesson series where I teach about the coins and how they connect with Biblical history, and also let people handle 2,000 year old coins. It is always a joy to see the connection that is made when people are able to touch coins that were in circulation when Jesus walked on the earth.

Just contact me to schedule a time to come to your congregation. 256-614-2367 or Luke@housetohouse.com

Recently I have preached at:

National Jail/Prison Ministry Workshop (Florence, AL)
Ashville, AL (Sunday Coin Series)
West Huntsville church of Christ (Wed. Fall Series)
Jacksonville, AL (Wed. Night Coin Series)
Rainbow church of Christ (Prison Ministry Workshop)
Iola, KS (Sunday Coin Series)
Sevierville, TN (Polishing the Pulpit Workshop 2010, 2011, 2012, and upcoming in 2013)
Ashland, AL (Sunday Coins Series)
and would love to come to a congregation near you.