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Revelation Part 6 – Chapters 12-13

Revelation Part 6 – Chapters 12-13



Chapter 11 closed with rejoicing in Heaven because the time of God’s judgment of Rome is at hand.

Chapter 12 is the beginning of Act 2

We go back in time some and revisit Act 1, especially the part where the church was persecuted.
Three Main Characters
•    Woman
•    Child
•    Dragon

The Dragon is identified in vs. 9 as The Devil

The Child

•   Male
•    Will rule all nations with an iron fist
(Psalm 2 about the Messiah)
•    Is attacked by the dragon

The child is Jesus.

For the woman we need to look a bit deeper to understand.The woman has been identified by various people as the church, Jewish nation, and the virgin Mary.

Here is why I don’t believe she is any of these.

She is greater than a human since she stands on the moon with the sun around her shoulders.

In one way she is the mother of Jesus

When attacked by Satan, God gives her wings

Christians are said to be her children.

Virgin Mary – Although she gave birth to Jesus she never stood on the moon or had eagles’ wings to fly to safety.

Jewish Nation – But they persecuted the church. It could hardly be said that the church was the Jewish nations’ child.

The Church – Certainly did not give birth to Christ, nor could it be the mother of itself.

So what meets these criteria?
Well, there are clues that can answer this.

First, she is arrayed in the light of all three dispensations.
•    Patriarchal (starlit age)
•    Mosaic (moonlit age)
•    Christian (sunlit age)

Look at Satan’s actions against her and the child every step of the way.

He is standing by to devour the child as soon as He is born.
•    Murder of the Innocents
•    Other manipulations to get Jesus killed

Satan Fails in this First Attack.

He then tries to stop Christ from achieving His mission and there is a “war in Heaven” which Satan loses. (12:10-11)

Satan fails in this Second Attack
Vs. 13 begins Satan’s third attack, going after the woman. God protects her through a 1260 day period.

Satan Loses Round Three
Rev. 12:17 Satan makes war against the offspring of the woman. (Christians) We will see how this attack goes in the following chapters as Satan brings his weapons to bear.
The only thing to meet these criteria…
•    The woman must represent God’s plan. The “eternal plan of God.”
•    Romans 8:28ff

Chapter 13 The Two Beasts
Satan will create a persecution against Christians so strong, that he will attempt to either kill all Christians or have all of them deny Christ.

Sea Beast
•    Ten horns, seven heads, body of a leopard, mouth like a lion’s and feet of a bear.
•    42 months
•    Authority over every tribe, people, language, and nation
•    Many worship the beast
•    All but those written in the lamb’s book of life.
•    Seven Heads are Described Later 17:9 identify the heads as seven “mountains” better translated “hills.”
•    The beast that sits on seven hills…Rome
•    Is like Daniel’s fourth beast (which also represents Rome)

Land Beast
So Satan Stirs this Beast (Rome) to Act
•    Using the second beast
•    The second beast exercises the power of the first beast.
•    He goes around making sure that people worship the beast.
•    He sets up statues and causes great problems for any that will not worship the beast.

The second beast is the cult of emperor worship.
In a grander sense, it is any that puts Christians in an impossible situation
In Ephesus the temple to Vespasian, Titus, and Domitian was right beside the market place, and the temple to Trajan was just down the street
Satan has put Christians in an impossible situation
•    If they obey the law, they renounce Christ and worship the emperor.
•    If they refuse to worship the emperor, they are killed.

666 – Besides being the mark of imperfection, it cannot be fully known what this symbolism means. Many have made statements about submarines, barcodes, the social security system, and many have identified the beast as the president, Hitler, Napoleon, or even Kissinger, but trying to tie 666 or the beast to individuals such as this doesn’t make sense.