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Revelation Part 7 – Chapters 14-19

Revelation Part 7 – Chapters 14-19



Chapter 14

Offers a time of consolation.
Vs. 1-5
The 144,000 in Zion with the Lamb. These are the same 144,000 who were marked, but are now in Heven.
They were not defiled by false religion. (Still worthy to be the bride of Christ)
They receive their reward and the message is clear: Death is not the worst thing that can happen to the Christian.
Vs. 6-7 First Angel
A call to repentance to those on the earth.
Vs. 8 Second Angel
Brings forth the message that “Babylon” has fallen. This clearly refers to Rome.
Vs. 9-12 Third Angel
Announces judgment of God upon those who have borne the mark of the beast. They will suffer the same punishment as Satan.
Vs. 13 The Blessed Dead
Rest from their labors. To die in the Lord is a great reward.
Vs. 14-16 The Fourth Angel
Call to the harvest.
The harvest recalls the bringing in of the saved (the bounty) while the winepress in the following verses emphasizes judgment on the evil of the world.
Vs. 17-20 Last two angels.
One with a sickle, one with control of fire.
Recalls Matthew 13:24-30

Chapter 15
Vs. 2-4
This vision anticipates the final triumph of those who have come out of every persecution and all suffering.
All those who stand victorious over the beast stand on the sea of glass mingled with fire.
Could this be the fire of the anticipated judgment?
Angels with Bowls or Vials of Wrath
•    First bowl (1-2) sores on those with the mark of the beast.
•    Second bowl (3) the sea becomes as the blood of a dead man and everything in the sea dies.
•    Third bowl (4-7) rivers and fountains become blood. Angel makes a point about those that have shed the blood of saints and prophets now having to drink blood.
•    Fourth bowl (8-9) heat from the sun that scorches men with fire.
•    Something has happened to the land, seas, rivers, and sky just like the first four trumpets (1/3 of the land, seas, rivers, and sky)
•    Fifth bowl (10-11) kingdom becomes full of darkness. Like the fifth trumpet represents immoral behavior.
•    Sixth Bowl (Vs. 12-16) – Water of the Euphrates is dried up and the unclean spirits come up.
•    Armageddon is a place. “Hill of Megiddo” Which was a famous battlefield. Judges 5:19-20 Deborah and Barak overcame Sisera’s forces by the power of God. Here it is referring to the end of Rome.
•    Seventh Bowl (17-21) It is done, earthquake, hail the weight of a talent falls out of the sky.
For many reasons this does not seem to be the end of the world, but a detailed account of the end of Rome.
When the fourth bowl is poured out it states “and they repented not to give him glory” which shows both that repentance was still possible, and this could not be the final judgment (Philippians 2:10)
Each of these speaks to real reasons the Roman Empire fell.

Chapter 17
We have had three entities for evil.
1.    The Dragon (Satan)
2.    The Sea Beast (Roman Empire)
3.    The Land Beast (Cult of Emperor Worship)
4.    Now we introduce a fourth: The Harlot
Is a leader in oppressing God’s people
In her hand is a cup full of the blood of the martyrs
In Rev. 17:18 the Scripture states “the woman you saw is the great city that rules over the kings of the earth.”
The harlot is Rome.

Chapter 18
Now refers to the city as Rome
All of chapter 18 refers to the fact that God is about to destroy the city and the empire.

Chapter 19
There is rejoicing of all the saints because God has judged Rome, as they had asked earlier. (19:2)
19:8 we see the feast.
We must view this wedding between the lamb and the church in the context of Revelation, and chapter 19 as not being the end of time, but the end of Rome.
Because the church survived the attack of Rome and her agents, the church is now ready for the intimate relationship with Christ, hence the wedding feast celebration.
Now we see what happens to the two other agents of Satan.
A rider on a white horse whose name is Faithful and True
•    Eyes are like fire and he wears many crowns.
•    His robe is dipped in blood
•    His name is the Word of God
•    Out of His mouth comes a sharp, two-edged sword.
•    He has the words “King of Kings and Lord of Lords” written on his robe and thigh.
The rider is Jesus.
•    Just as we read at the end of chapter 16 of the fall of the persecutor, Rome, after the pouring out of the bowls, here we read of the same defeat pictured in a different way.
•    He lays hold of the Roman Empire and the Cult of Emperor Worship and throws them into the Lake of Fire.
Three of the four major figures of evil have been defeated, leaving only Satan.