Never Know What You Might Find

It seems that you never know what you might turn up on the beach.

An article came out yesterday that relates a story about a man who found a shekel of Tyre on a wharf in Salem, MA. How it got there, no one seems to know. They placed the value of the coin at about $800, but the speculation on how it got to MA to be found on a beach is priceless.

The shekel of Tyre is one of the most interesting coins of the Bible. It is connected to one miracle of Jesus, and intimately entwined with his death, being the coin used to pay Judas, buy the field, and pay off the soldiers to keep quiet about the resurrection.

Shekel of Tyre

One of the shekels from my collection

So, no matter where you are, you just never know what you might find.

I love the last paragraph which suggests a bird picked it up and carried it to the U.S. I was instantly reminded of the Python skit where they argue over coconuts being brought to the U.K. Maybe an African swallow brought it.