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Linking Up to the Past

Linking Up to the Past

Here are some of the links I have been looking at lately. For the most part, exciting news from the ancient world, and in one case exciting news from the future.

Daily Life in Pompeii

Researchers and personnel have been able to piece together pieces of daily life from Pompeii.  Included in this collection of material are body casts of the victims last moments, as they were covered in ash from the volcano. For more info, including stunning photos of the mosaics, go to:

Romans Vs. Celts

In America we re-enact civil war battles and think that we are really getting in touch with history. If you want to really see someone connecting with the past take a look at these guys. Now that’s what I call history!


Rome Vs. Carthage

Check out this amazing find of a ram from an ancient ship.

Story here: http://www.livescience.com/history/ancient-shipwreck-possibly-identify-battle-site-101018.html

To Infinity and Beyond…with Pocket Change

And for those looking forward instead of to the past, take a look at the pocket change you are going to need in order to buy a cup of coffee on the moon.

What Makes it Tick?

So, this isn’t about coins, or the Bible, but it is just cool. Take a look at a new technique used to peel back the layers on a 300 year old pocket watch found in a seventeenth-century wreck. While I don’t support or approve of the advertisements and other articles off of this site, this video was too cool to pass up.



Ancient Risk Game

Archeologists are uncovering some amazing things in Perperikon. While I would disagree with their timeline somewhat, I couldn’t pass over this awesome find, which looks like a piece from an ancient Risk game.


All Aqueducts Lead to Rome

Here is an amazing article on the aqueducts of Rome, with some beautiful pictures. Again, I don’t agree with humanism, by any means, but these pictures are fantastic.