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Before You Go to College: The Comparative Religion Class

Before You Go to College: The Comparative Religion Class

I just got back from Polishing the Pulpit. It was a wonderful experience. I help run the event, along with the elders, the directors, and a great staff of volunteers from all over and workers from House to House. This was the largest ever, and I hope it was a blessing to all who attended.

I was fortunate enough to be able to speak four times. I will be posting each of the lessons here on my blog, along with outlines and powerpoints. I wanted to start with the last lesson I delivered, which was on the Comparative Religion class in college. I was able to talk to over 100 young people about what the agenda of this class is in our secular universities. To my mind I think it is clear that there are three main points that they are trying to bring out.

1) All religion is the same. No religion is any better or any worse than any other.

2) There is no real right and wrong. Only shades of grey. No absolute truth.

3) All religion comes from the same place. (Man made God, not the other way around)

I could not disagree more with these three statements.

I started the class by telling them that I wanted to change their lives. I know that’s a bold statement, but I meant it. I wanted to plant a few ideas in their heads before someone else comes and plants weeds of doubt.

First, the religion that Jesus died for is infinitely better than any other.

Second, there is truth. There is right. There is wrong.

Third, God created man, and our opinions or what we feel do not stack up against the truth of God’s word. I can reject it, but that doesn’t make it less true.

I also shared with them that I had taken the comparative  religion class in college. I didn’t have too much time to look deep into each area, but was surprised by how similar some of the sayings were. I bought the idea that we are all striving for the same goal, we are just taking different paths. After all, aren’t all religions similar? These ideas planted seeds of doubt in my mind. How could I have found the one true way? Doesn’t that seem arrogant?

However, after I grew a little more, and had time to study the sayings that at one time had seemed so similar, I found that they were saying very contradictory things. In fact, the religions aren’t after the same goal. Each of the major world religions are not even working on the same problem. We do not worship the same God. We do not worship in similar ways. Some religions don’t even acknowledge sin exists, and some deny even the existence of self.

I hope that you will examine the outline below, and the accompanying PowerPoint. Do not let the idea of religious tolerance turn into the straightjacket of religious agreement.

OUTLINE BELOW –> PowerPoint (41 Mb)

Christianity is RIGHT
Regardless of choices you make, what you think, how the government acts, Christianity is right. This fact is not dependent on you, or anyone else.

All religions are NOT the same
Religious leaders preach tolerance, and try to stress the similarities of all religions. They claim that we are all going up the same mountain, but are taking different paths. Recently, the Christian denominational world has been echoing that same line. The fact is all religions are not the same, and their logic is fatally flawed. If all religions are the same, what is there to tolerate?

Matthew 7:14

Proverbs 14:12

Comparative religion classes in colleges throughout the United States seek to make all religions equal. All are equally true or untrue according to them. This is just not so.

As you come to question any aspect of your faith, I encourage to ask tough questions, and let our Biblical scholars answer them. The writings of Wayne Jackson or Robert Taylor Jr. Websites like apologeticspress.com, focuspress.org, Christiancourier.com, Biblenest.com, housetohouse.com and many others can answer your questions in a logical manner. The Bible, and God, can stand any test.

The World’s Religions are NOT after the same goal.

Buddhism: The goal is to achieve nirvana by eliminating suffering.
Judaism: The goal is to be with Abraham and God.
Hinduism: Release from the cycle of reincarnation and absorption into the Brahman.
Islam: To rely on God and not on man. Do more good than evil.
Christianity: Become righteous through Jesus Christ so we can live with Him for eternity, and to spread this message to as many people as possible.

The World’s Religions do NOT worship the same God.

Buddhism: Is basically atheistic. You are your own god.
Hinduism: There are many gods. Gods are everywhere and in everything.
Islam: God is Allah. He revealed the Koran to Mohammad and all other religious writings have been perverted by the world.
Judaism: God is a spirit. He is personal, all-powerful, eternal, holy, and compassionate.
Christianity: God is three in one; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. He is all powerful, and sent His son to die for our sins and His spirit in the form of the Word to teach us all things that pertain to salvation and righteousness.

The World’s Religions are NOT working on the same problems.

Christianity: The problem is sin. The solution or goal is salvation. The method is faith and works. The one who charted this course is Jesus, the Christ, the son of God.
Buddhism: The problem is suffering. The solution or goal is nirvana. The method is “The Noble Eightfold Path.” The one who charted this course is Siddhartha Gautama.
Islam: The problem is self-sufficiency. The solution is paradise. The method is the Five Pillars. The one who charted this is Mohammad.
Hinduism: The problem is samsara or wandering. The solution is moksha or escape from the cycle of life, death, rebirth. They have three different techniques for achieving this. There is no known founder, and its origins are unclear.

There are many religions in the world, but only one true religion and that is the true Christianity of the Bible. Put each religion to the test and you will find that in purposes, in their methods, in their worship, and in their writings only Christianity stands up to the challenge. All others fall far short of divinity.