Bible Timeline – Creation Through Babylonian Captivity

I find Biblical history to be so interesting. I wanted to put this timeline together to show you the large period of Biblical history where coins did not exist. Coins were not invented until the Greeks in about 650 B.C. The Israelites were not introduced to coinage until the Babylonian captivity. At that time they were introduced to the Daric. After they were released from captivity, the Jews minted their own coinage. These small bronze pieces are distinct in that they follow the commandment to make no graven images of people or animals. Instead they feature anchors, wheels, and Hebrew text.

Garden of Eden 4000 B.C.

Garden of Eden 4000 B.C.

The Flood

The Flood 3000 B.C.
Tower of Babel

Tower of Babel 2400 B.C.

The Patriarchs

The Patriarchs 2000-1730 B.C.

Bondage in Egypt

Bondage in Egypt Bondage in Egypt, Birth of Moses, The Exodus, Joshua, Israelites Invade Canaan 1730 B.C.-1400 B.C

Period of the Judges

Period of the Judges 1400 B.C.-1200 B.C.

Period of the Kings

Period of the Kings Period of the Kings 1200 B.C.-586 B.C

Babylonian Captivity

Babylonian Captivity 586 B.C.-323B.C.