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Revelation Part 4 – Chapters 4-7

Revelation Part 4 – Chapters 4-7



No powerpoint posted this week. I had to use pictures for class which I do not have copyright to post here. Notes below.

A Play in Two Acts
Chapters 1-3 (Introduction)
Chapters 4-11 (Act 1)

Chapter 4: Setting the Stage
Throne – Throne of God
24 Additional Thrones
12 Patriarchs
12 Apostles
4 Beasts, full of eyes –
Face of a Lion
Face of a Calf
Face of a Man
Face of a Eagle

Seven Lamps – Spirit of God
Body of Water
In 6:9 there is an alter for sacrifice
In 8:3 there is an alter for incense
In 11:19 the ark of the covenant is mentioned.
What does this remind you of? Hebrews 8:2-5 and 9:23-26
The Tabernacle

In 5:11 we see ten thousand times ten thousand angels (and thousands and thousands)
5:13 – all created beings in heaven, and on the earth, and under the earth.
All of these cry out in praise of the holiness of God.

Chapter 5 – The Book

God holds a book with seven seals.
The seals
1)    Show that the contents are important.
2)    That only one with supreme authority may open it.

The Book
All creation is here, and a cry goes out for someone worthy to open the book to come forward and no one appears.
John weeps.

He is comforted by and elder because the Lion of the tribe of Judah the Root of David.
And a lamb appears (vs. 5-6)

The Lamb
7 eyes which we are told are: “seven Spirits of God” (fullness of Spirit)
7 horns – great power
Here is someone with both the power, and authority (because of perfection) to open the book.

Who is the lamb?
Tribe of Judah (Lion in Heaven was made a sacrificial lamb for us)
Root of David
A sacrificed lamb
Great power
Great authority (Matt. 28:18)
The Lamb is Obviously Jesus

The beasts bow.
The 24 elders bow.
Everyone sings a new song – worthy is the Lamb

Denotes a Time Period
We now know when this is taking place.
1)    After Jesus has been to Earth
2)    After his death, burial, resurrection, and ascension into Heaven

Chapter 6 – Opening the Seals

This is the Revelation. Revealing what is in the book.
The seventh seal opens seven trumpets, so Act 1 comes to a close when the seventh trumpet sounds. (Chapter 11)

The First Four Seals

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
This is not the end of the world that we are talking about here at all. Rather this is referring to the end of the Roman Empire.

These are agents of God’s power.
God is in control.

1st – White Horse
Man that sits on him has a bow, a Crown, and Conquers.

Romans did not use archers to the same extend that other nations did. Usually the archers were recruited from the Middle East. But Rome had a constant and horrible enemy that not only relied heavily on archers, they relied chiefly on light-horse archers.
Roman-Persian Wars (92 B.C. – 627 A.D.)

2nd – Red Horse

3rd – Black Horse
Commerce – Inflation

4th – Pale horse

The Four Horsemen
We know that they ride where God sits on the throne.
They are called into action by one of God’s highest ranking angels.
It is by the authority of God that they act through conquest, war, economic troubles, and death.
These horsemen are agents of God. (Acts 17:26)
Not only has God done this before (Assyrians, Babylon, and now Rome) He can do it again.

Fifth Seal
The martyrs. They give testimony.
In 12:17 this is the “testimony of Jesus”
They cry “How long, O Lord…dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?”
God answers that they should wait a little longer, while more are killed for Christ.

Time of Revelation
The church has been established, and many have been killed.
The book of Revelation is being written to answer this question “How long before God ends the persecution and brings the persecutor down to defeat?”
The answer is that it will continue for a little while, but then God will bring that nation down.

Sixth Seal
Earthquake, sun became black, moon became red as blood, stars fall from heaven, the sky is ripped apart, whole landmasses move, and even mighty men run and hide.

Is this talking about the end of the World? No.

Look at the symbols
Earthquake where men hid in caves – Describing the destruction of Judah and Jerusalem Isa 2:12-22
Isa 13:9-16 talks about the fall of Babylon as a time when the sun is darkened, and the moon and stars cease to shine.
Fall of Edom – Like the Heavens being rolled up like a scroll. Isa 34:4
Hosea 10:8 – Fall of Samaria as a time when people cry for the mountains to fall on them.
Joel 2:28-32 talks about the fall of the Jewish nation as a time when the sun is darkened and the moon turns to blood.

So these symbols refer back to:
Fall of Judah and Jerusalem
Fall of Babylon
Fall of Edom
Fall of Samaria
Fall of the Jewish nation

This all points to the fall of the Roman Empire, not the end of the world.

Chapter 7 – Interlude

There is a break between the 6th and 7th seals.
God tells them to hold off with the destruction until His people are sealed with a mark on their foreheads.
He then marks 12,000 out of each of the 12 tribes of Israel.
The number twelve represents?
12 x 12 =144 (complete order)
10 x 10 x 10 (10 is the number of completeness. 3 being the number of divinity)

144,000 represents all redeemed saints on the earth at one time.
Gal 6:16 Paul speaks of the church as the “Israel of God”
Philippians 3:3 – the church is “the circumcision”
This is the spiritual Israel.

Judah, Reuben, Gad, Asher, Naphtali, Manasseh, Simeon, Levi, Issachar, Zebulun, Joseph, Benjamin
Ephraim and Dan are not listed, instead we have Manasseh and Joseph.
Omission of Ephraim and Dan – the line of Ephraim was led into idolatry by Jeroboam I (1 Kings 12:25-33) and Dan left his inheritance and moved north to Laish and practiced idolatry.