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My Dad

I want to be a little more personal than usual with this post. Today, 11 years ago, my dad passed away. It doesn’t seem that long, but there it is. My feelings are like those described in Two Years Before the Mast when they lost a sailor: “It is like losing a limb…You miss his […]

Seeking Perfection

The Perfect Book Foulis Press books are highly sought after by collectors. In the 1700’s they decided to take on the challenge of producing a perfect book. In 1744 they began producing a flawless edition of Horace. They carefully set out all the type, and employed six experienced proof readers. After it was thought to […]

The Gospel in Two Cities – Same Name, Different Reactions

Antioch, Two Cities – Two Reactions to the Gospel During Paul’s missionary journeys, the people in two cities with the same name, Antioch, had very different reactions to the Gospel. Antioch of Pisidia, the smaller city, was located northeast of Ephesus in what is now modern day Turkey. In the first century, it was part […]