Archives for April 2011

New Coin Resource

I wanted to take just a minute to post one of the most exciting new tools I’ve seen in a long time. The American Numismatic Society (which you should join if you are interested in coins) released a new search tool that allows you to search their extensive collection. What is really great about it […]

Lead Codices – Trial and Error (Mostly just error…)

We are witnessing an historic event. Everyone should stand and take notice, and learn from it. Much like the emails we get with all sorts of false information in them that can be easily checked by Snopes, Biblical archeology is fraught with fantastic, unique, and utterly false “discoveries.” I invariably receive emails and am asked […]

Bible Timeline – Creation Through Babylonian Captivity

I find Biblical history to be so interesting. I wanted to put this timeline together to show you the large period of Biblical history where coins did not exist. Coins were not invented until the Greeks in about 650 B.C. The Israelites were not introduced to coinage until the Babylonian captivity. At that time they […]