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Currency in the Bible

Currency in the Bible As one looks across the landscape of the Bible, truth shines through in the details of everyday life. Nowhere is this truer than when one looks at the financial transactions throughout the Bible. The way that people purchased products and saved for the future tells a story about the kind of […]

Not Made to Sit on a Shelf

In the late 1600’s and early 1700’s Antonio Stradivari produced the finest musical instruments ever created. In his lifetime he is known to have produced 1,101 instruments. These included guitars, cellos, violas, and at least one harp. His crowning achievements however were his violins. They are known for their clarity of tone, and ability to […]

God Is In the Details

The famous architect, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe was fond of the saying “God is in the details.” His point was that the more diligent we are when we make something, the closer it resembles an object of divine character. The closer it is to something God would have made. The phrase has been turned […]

Coin Lessons at PTP

Polishing the Pulpit is an annual event for members of the Lord’s church. 2010 saw the largest increase in the sixteen year history, with more than 2000 people in attendance. To read more about PTP see this article by Mark Teske or visit I was blessed to be one of the presenters in 2010. […]

Never Know What You Might Find

It seems that you never know what you might turn up on the beach. An article came out yesterday that relates a story about a man who found a shekel of Tyre on a wharf in Salem, MA. How it got there, no one seems to know. They placed the value of the coin at […]

Walk Around the Ancient World

I have always been fascinated with maps; the older the better. As a child, I remember looking at pictures of maps from the age of discovery and seeing the mythical creatures that were scattered throughout the unknown regions at the edges. I thought about the adventure and daring of the men who went out into […]

Harmony of the Life of Paul

In my Sunday morning college class we have been covering the life of Paul. Paul has now arrived in Rome, and the study is winding down. While doing my research for the class I came across a lecture by a Yale professor who claims that he used to be a believer but that inaccuracies in […]

Linking Up to the Past

Here are some of the links I have been looking at lately. For the most part, exciting news from the ancient world, and in one case exciting news from the future. Daily Life in Pompeii Researchers and personnel have been able to piece together pieces of daily life from Pompeii.  Included in this collection of […]

Revelation Part 1 – Introduction

Revelation: Part 1 Overview: Theme of Revelation is “Victory!” Rev. 17:14 God is in ultimate control of history and events and fully capable of bringing men and events to His desired ends. Therefore, “be thou faithful unto death.” Rev. 2:10 This doesn’t just mean be faithful until you die. It means be faithful even when […]

Revelation Part 2 – Introduction Continued

Revelation is written in apocalyptic language. Apokalupsis – “to uncover, unveil, make naked, lay bare” The book uncovers or unveils through symbols, signs, imagery, and visions the impending persecution facing the church. Symbols: Numbers The number one (1) Since it is not composed of other numbers, but is independent of all others, it excludes all […]