Revelation Part 6 – Chapters 12-13

Chapter 11 closed with rejoicing in Heaven because the time of God’s judgment of Rome is at hand. Chapter 12 is the beginning of Act 2 We go back in time some and revisit Act 1, especially the part where the church was persecuted. Three Main Characters •    Woman •    Child •    Dragon The Dragon […]

Revelation Part 7 – Chapters 14-19

Chapter 14 Offers a time of consolation. Vs. 1-5 The 144,000 in Zion with the Lamb. These are the same 144,000 who were marked, but are now in Heven. They were not defiled by false religion. (Still worthy to be the bride of Christ) They receive their reward and the message is clear: Death is […]

Revelation Part 8 – Chapters 20-22

Chapter 20 John sees an angel with a key to the abyss and a chain. Takes the dragon and binds him with the chain and casts him into the Abyss to imprison him for 1000 years. Has Satan Always Been Bound? Has he always been under limits? Yes! God has never allowed him to do […]