Updates – First Poster and New Tracts from House to House/Heart to Heart

Another Exciting Week

I’m excited with the progress this week. Several big pieces of PTP are starting to move into place. Soon you will be seeing the final and official schedule instead of just the tentative one for Polishing the Pulpit. I just checked the registration database and 714 people have registered for PTP this year so far. Hey, that’s the same total as Babe Ruth’s home runs. Who’s going to be Hank Aaron and come in and break that record?

First Poster

This week our first poster came out. It is a beautiful 24 x 36 poster of  Bible Facts. We first ran it in House to House/Heart to Heart and so many people called and asked us to turn it into a poster that we did. Take a look at it on our Pinterest page. Purchase the poster here: http://www.housetohouse.com/store/Product.aspx?pid=1522




Four New Tracts

Two new booklets and two new tracts came out this week. Overcoming the Challenges of Blended Families, Noah by the Numbers, and the first two in the salvation series “5 Steps of Salvation:Hear and Believe. Check them out in full-text at the HTH website.


Free Audio Downloads

Go to: http://www.housetohouse.com/FreeAudioDownloads.aspx and check out some free audio downloads as well. This includes a great lesson from Wendell Winkler on “Did Alexander Campbell Start the Church of Christ?”

coverMay/June Issue

The new issue of HTH should be hitting the mailboxes now. Check it out, as it has a great article on “Do You Think You are the Only Ones Going to Heaven?” The July/August issue we are working on now will answer the question “Why do bad things happen to good people?” And the Sep/Oct issue will have an editorial regarding instrumental music. There’s never been a better time to send HTH into your community.