PTP – Behind the Scenes 2

With only 100 days left until PTP (REGISTER NOW!) I have a question for you. Do you remember that scene at the end of the first Indiana Jones movie where “top men” are examining the ark? In reality, it is boxed up and taken to what seems to be an endless warehouse for safe keeping.

In a "safe place."













Well, in preparation for PTP 2012, it looks like we have a similar situation, although the warehouse is much smaller.

Shipping crate for the Ark.

Shipping crate for the Ark.
















I wanted to continue to give you a behind-the-scenes look at what we are putting together for PTP this year. It is the most exciting Polishing the Pulpit ever IMHO. Today here is a glimpse of us unveiling the ark for the Tabernacle. It is currently boxed up and stored in our shed, but it definitely reminded me of that scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

I thought you would enjoy seeing a few of the pictures I took with my phone as we were unpacking the finished Ark. It was an exciting moment, and we think that it will be a really neat experience for young and old. As some of you know, I love lessons that have some kind of physical object tied to them. That’s why I like giving my talks on ancient coins so much. Many times you will hear a lesson, and the material will be very good, but it is hard to remember it for weeks, months, or years, but you will never forget holding a 2,000 year old coin in your hand. I think it is a similar situation with The Tabernacle. Actually having it physically laid out in front of you and being able to walk through it and see the objects will stick with you.

Take a look at the pics below, and check out the first “Behind the Scenes” PTP post here.

I know the picture is a little blurry, but you know the post office has to wonder about packages marked "Fragile Angels."









Exciting moment, Allen holds up one of the sculptures that surround the mercy seat.














Top of the Ark









Being packed back up, ready for PTP.













I had to throw in at least one silly picture of myself so you know what a fan I am of the movie. This one is infinitely better than when I was actually dressed as Dr. Jones for Halloween.