PTP – Behind the Scenes

Tabernacle Starts to Come Together

Okay, I know…I know, I haven’t updated the blog in 80 days. In that time Jules Verne could have gone around the world in a balloon. I feel bad about it, but I wanted you all to know that I have been working on other projects; exciting projects, and now I’m ready to fill you in on them. I thought maybe a behind-the-scenes look into some of the awesome things we have planned for PTP might encourage you to forgive my laziness when it comes to the blog. Also keep in mind that I’m trying to deal with being 36 and a father again. Babies keep you up at  night.

So, one of the BIG ideas for PTP this year is that we are going to build a tabernacle. There will be pipe and drape set up where the tents would be, but the goal for this year is to have all the furniture and several informative displays. I’m pretty excited. It is a fun project to work on, and lots of people are volunteering their talents to pull this off.

I’ll be giving you some sneak peeks as we put different pieces together, and I hope you will enjoy seeing some of what goes on to make PTP better each year.

By the way, last time I checked well over 400 people have registered. The event starts Aug. 17. Go check out the website and register now. Also, after you have looked at this, take a look at part 2.


Ready to serve.









Trying on the wig and beard...not sure if I look more like Moses or Santa.


  1. Debbie Mitchell says:

    Where’s Charlton Heston when you need him? Desperately.


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