Seeking Perfection

The Perfect Book

Foulis Press books are highly sought after by collectors. In the 1700’s they decided to take on the challenge of producing a perfect book. In 1744 they began producing a flawless edition of Horace.

They carefully set out all the type, and employed six experienced proof readers. After it was thought to be perfect, each page was posted for two weeks at Glasgow University with a notice that said they would pay 50 pounds to anyone who could find errors. When this process was completed, they published the book, thinking that they had accomplished their goal.

It was soon found that there were at least as many errors as there had been proofreaders, and one of the errors was in the first line of the first page. (Reported as a true event in The Anecdotage of Glasgow which can be found on Google Books.)

The Perfect Life

In all that we do, we strive to perfection, but it always seems slightly out of reach. In our Christian life we emulate the perfect example showed in the life of Christ. Through Him we can obtain perfection (John 17:23), though we ourselves continue to fall into the traps that Satan lays for us. Christ lived the perfect life, and made the sacrifice for us, so that even though we are not perfect, we can become perfect in Him.



  1. Faye Rich says:

    As faithful christinas , we are made perfect through the grace of God . What a glorious hope we have! Great article Luke.