Coin Lessons at PTP

Polishing the Pulpit is an annual event for members of the Lord’s church. 2010 saw the largest increase in the sixteen year history, with more than 2000 people in attendance. To read more about PTP see this article by Mark Teske or visit

I was blessed to be one of the presenters in 2010. I presented two lessons on the money of the Bible. The first is on Jesus and the money He came into contact with, or that played a part in His life. The second lesson focused on apologetics and the use of money throughout Bible history.

I was very pleased with how it went, and also gave out over 200 free uncleaned coins so that people can try their hand at cleaning and identifying ancient money. Several people told me about collections that they have, and a couple of people even asked me to come speak at their congregations in the near future.