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PTP – Behind the Scenes 3

We are 15 days away and I am excited. Any of you who are reading this…you should be excited too. This is going to be so cool. Now, originally I had wanted to update this behind the scenes section every few weeks to keep you excited about PTP. Well, it has been 71 days since […]

PTP – Behind the Scenes 2

With only 100 days left until PTP (REGISTER NOW!) I have a question for you. Do you remember that scene at the end of the first Indiana Jones movie where “top men” are examining the ark? In reality, it is boxed up and taken to what seems to be an endless warehouse for safe keeping. […]

PTP – Behind the Scenes

Tabernacle Starts to Come Together Okay, I know…I know, I haven’t updated the blog in 80 days. In that time Jules Verne could have gone around the world in a balloon. I feel bad about it, but I wanted you all to know that I have been working on other projects; exciting projects, and now […]

Bible Proofs Part 2– Food Laws

In my previous post, we covered the ancient world’s view of medical science, and compared that to the Bible. What we discovered is that the Bible avoids the gross errors that are contained in every other culture at the time. Not only that, but the Bible also contains correct information regarding things like quarantine, soap, […]

Bible Proofs Part 1 – Medical Science

Recently I taught a class on one of the most convincing ways to prove that the Bible is from God. Basically, we look at several areas of study, such as medicine, astronomy, or geology and we compare contemporary secular and religious writings. We look at the common errors that are in each of these types […]